Bitdefender GravityZone for Business

Bitdefender GravityZone

The #1 Unified Security and Risk Analytics Platform

Prevents, detects and responds to all threats that might affect any of your organization’s assets. You get 360 degrees visibility, insights on the risks exposure and the tools to enhance the security posture. All of these, fully proven!

Istrotech Company
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Which product is right for you

GravityZone is a business solution that can be installed locally or hosted by Bitdefender.

Multi-layered protection with proven machine learning, advanced heuristics, anti-ransomware, powerful anti-exploit, signatures, Firewall and Device Control are included in each of the options below.

GravityZone Business Security
On premises / Cloud

Ideal for small businesses looking for simple, yet efficient security

GravityZone Advanced Business Security
On premises / Cloud

Recommended to midsized companies looking for comprehensive protection

GravityZone Elite
On premises / Cloud

Recommended to companies looking for aggressive protection against sophisticated threats

GravityZone Ultra
On premises / Cloud

Recommended to companies looking for an integrated next-gen endpoint protection and EDR platform that accurately protects against sophisticated cyber threats

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