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Empower Your Business with Reliable VPS Hosting

At Istrotech, our Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting solutions provide the power, performance, and security your business needs to thrive in a digital environment. With dedicated resources and enhanced control, our VPS hosting is the perfect solution for businesses looking for an upgrade from shared hosting without the cost of a dedicated server.

VPS Hosting

All-in-one solution with all the features and capabilities you need

Customizable Solutions

Customize your server with flexible RAM, CPU, and disk space options to meet your specific needs

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Your site stays up with our 99.9% uptime, supported by advanced data centers.

WordPress Manager

Easily manage your WordPress sites with auto updates, clone installations, multi-layer admin security, & more.

Improved SEO Rankings

The extra speed, uptime and dedicated IP address you receive boosts your SEO rankings in search engines.

Manage PHP Versions

Need a different PHP version for a specific website? You can set the PHP version for each of your sites.


Enjoy the fastest NVMe SSD storage that delivers up to 10x faster website speed than regular SATA SSDs.


Our expert team provides round-the-clock support to keep your server optimal.

Remote Daily Backups

Get automatic data copies on a backup server in a different data center. Restore any file, email, or database with ease.

Anti-SPAM Protection

Inbound and outbound SPAM protection blocks junk mail from coming in and going out of your server.


Each VPS is independent, offering superior security and protection against cyber threats.


Easily scale your resources up or down based on your evolving business needs without any service interruptions.

Dedicated Resources

Enjoy consistent performance with your own dedicated VPS resources.

Improved Inbox Delivery

Your emails always reach the Inbox folder because we make sure you get a clean dedicated IP address for your server.

CloudFlare Integration

Speed up your website and make its management a breeze with the CloudFlare integration.

Free SSL Certificates

Get free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates for each domain you host on your VPS server.

Ready to boost your website’s performance with dedicated resources?

Contact us today to discuss our VPS hosting plans and find the perfect fit for your business.


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