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Microsoft Defender Security Services Available at Istrotech

Secure your business with Microsoft Defender Security Services available at Istrotech, the official partner. Explore our endpoint security, vulnerability management, and XDR solutions tailored for your enterprise needs.
Navigate the complexities of cybersecurity with Istrotech, your official partner for Microsoft Defender Security Services. As a certified provider, we offer tailored solutions ranging from endpoint protection to advanced threat detection, ensuring your business remains resilient against digital threats.


Microsoft Defender for Endpoint P1

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint P1 offers a foundational set of capabilities, including industry-leading antimalware, cyberattack surface reduction, and device-based conditional access
  • Unified security tools and centralized management
  • Next-generation antimalware
  • Cyberattack surface reduction rules
  • Device control (such as USB)
  • Endpoint firewall
  • Network protection
  • Web control/category-based URL blocking
  • Device-based conditional access
  • Controlled folder access
  • APIs, SIEM connector, custom threat intelligence
  • Application control

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint P2

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint P2 offers all the capabilities in P1, plus endpoint detection and response, automated investigation and incident response, and cyberthreat and vulnerability management.
  • Includes everything in Endpoint P1, plus:
  • Endpoint detection and response
  • Deception techniques
  • Automated investigation and remediation
  • Cyberthreat and vulnerability management
  • Threat intelligence (cyberthreat analytics)
  • Sandbox (deep analysis)
  • Endpoint attack notifications
Mitigate Risks with Istrotech

Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management

Implement Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management through Istrotech to proactively manage and mitigate vulnerabilities. This integrated service complements your Endpoint protection plans, ensuring your infrastructure remains secure through real-time scanning and risk assessment.

Key Features: Vulnerability scanning, configuration assessments, software inventory management.

Extended Protection through Istrotech

Microsoft Defender XDR

Overview of XDR:

Extend your cybersecurity capabilities with Microsoft Defender XDR available at Istrotech. This solution broadens the scope of traditional EDR by integrating security data from multiple domains, offering comprehensive protection against sophisticated cyber threats.

Key Features: Automated cross-domain responses, advanced analytics, integrated security data.

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